Sonel Test and Measurement

Precise Calibration has recently been made a distributor of Sonel Test and Measurement.  Sonel are a manufacturer of electrical test equipment based in Swidnica, Poland.  Established for over 25 years they produce ergonomic, functional and innovative products supplied around the world.

Sonel offers a full range of test equipment solutions including Insulations Testers (1kv, 2.5kV, 5kv and 10kV), Earth Testers, Micro-Ohmmeters and specialist Short Circuit Impedance Testers capable of measuring systems upto 750V.

They also produce a range of Class S Power Quality Analysers and Class A Power Quality Meters with integral GPS and GSM (M2M Sim) Capability available on the PQM702/3/10/11 models.

For the full range of Sonel test equipment available from us, please visit our online shop or contact us for a quotation.