Precise Calibration Services integrates Celtek Systems

Following on from the acquisition of Cal-Com Systems in 2015, Precise Calibration Services has integrated their Celtek Systems repair business into the growing group of businesses.  Celtek Systems now solely concentrates on all the repair and diagnosis of customer and OEM subcontracted test equipment for both Precise Calibration Services and Cal-Com Systems.  This transformation of the core business allows for a central point of reference for all the electrical and electronic expertise in the three companys.  The singular base of repairs complements a system of full traceability and allows for an increased efficiency for all of the repair and calibration work.  This in turn has seen a rapid improvement on already quick turnaround times for all our customers.

The Celtek business is headed by one of Precise Calibrations senior electronics engineers who brings a steady and methodical approach to the investigation, diagnosis and repair of all the equipment handled by the company.