Hire Chauvin Arnoux CA6421 Earth Tester

Chauvin Arnoux CA6421 Earth Tester

Product Description

Self contained and watertight, the CA6421 is an on-site measuring device both light and simple to use, actually designed for field applications. Using the conventional rod-based methods, the CA6421 helps you measure ground connection resistance. All that is performed in the friendliness and safest rest conditions.

You connect the rods to the device using three colour coded terminals which make connections easier. A captive bar attached to the H terminal helps you match this device to 2 wire junction resistance measurements. The rods and cords are available to be supplied as optional accessories.

Once the rods have been installed and connected, measurement is quickly performed. Simply press the push button to start the device. Resistance values are displayed directly on the large easy to read galvanometer. Three lights indicate any defect or interference liable to impair measurements and an indicator reports low battery condition.

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