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AVO Flexiclamp 200 Clamp Meter

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Product Description

The Megger Flexiclamp does what you always thought clamp meters should do – measure current in multicore cables and power cords without the need to split them.

He original methods of taking current measurements by inserting a shunt resistor or using a current transformer have the disadvantage of having to break the circuit conductor. With traditional clamp on current meters, measurement can only be made on single conductors, requiring covers to be moved to gain access. Even then, it is often awkward to get sufficient cable free to reach the jaws of the clamp.

With the FlexiClamp there is now:-
• no need to remove covers
• no need to split cables

All that is needed is to place the jaws around the outside sheath of he cable.

With the FlexiClamp, current can be measured in 2 or 3 wire, round, flat or twin and earth cables to 40A with the resolution of 0.1A. Single wire measurements up to 199.9A mean that the FlexiClamp can also function as a ‘traditional’ clamp meter.

The FlexiClamp is optimised for specific line frequencies and cable types and is available in both 50Hz and 60 Hz variants.

With a robust ABC case, the FlexiClamp is designed to keep the user safe, meeting IEC1010-2-032 to installation category III at 1000V on cables. As part of this designed-in safety, a tactile barrier provides a safe working distance from live conductors for the operators hand.

Use it anywhere where you want to measure current without breaking a circuit or splitting cables. The Flexiclamp can also be used in place of traditional clamp meters, when commissioning or for general maintenance work in electrical machinery and installations.

In many applications, the indication of voltage alone is insufficient to verify that an appliance is working.

For instance, having fitted a new thermostat to a water heater a neon may indicate voltage but the element may be open circuit. With the FlexiClamp you can verify and measure the current simply by clamping round the outer cable sheath.

When fault finding, a voltmeter may indicate a voltage at the terminals of a single phase motor, but not help diagnose the problem any further. With the Flexicuffs, the distinction may be made between a high current potentially indicating a shorted winding or locked rotor and an open circuit fault, such as a disconnected termination or burnt out winding.

The FlexiClamp features:
• Current measurement in 1,2 or 3 conductor cable
• Use on flat or round cables
• Measures up to 200A on single core cables
• Measure up to 40A on multi conductor cables
• Jaws accommodate cables up to 1” diameter
• Convenient data fold facility
• Auto power off to conserve battery life

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